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femme de menage

Description :

We are a dutch/american couple who are living in Mohammedia, Morocco.

We are looking for a housekeeper, a so called femme de menage.

I speak some french, my wife only speaks english,
so an english speaking person has our preference but it is not required

This would be a full time job. This means 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.
You will be living here with us for that time and will also be eating with us.
Your work week starts at sunday evening 8 o'clock till friday evening 8 o'clock.
The weekends are free time and so are the national holidays.
You don't have to leave during your free time, that choise is yours.

Your job consists of taking care of the household such as cleaning, cooking and making sure
everything we need is in the house.

Taking care of us, as in any assistance we might need

Taking care of our dog (bull terrier) this means feeding, making sure she has water all day
and take her on her scheduled walks.

You will have your own bedroom and bathroom.

The salary will start at 1500 Dhs a month, remember this will be your starting salary.
The first month will be for both parties a trial period.
After that we will raise the pay.

We will be here for minimal 3 years.

The only thing is that we fly back every three months for doctors visits.

During that time we need the housekeeper to stay at the apartment the whole time.

So she can take care of Cameo (our dog)during that time, 24 hrs a day so also at night.
This week that we are in Holland will, if everything goes as it should be in the house, be honored with a bonus.

It looks like we ask a lot but in all reality this is a easy job with a lot of benefits wich you
will find out later

If you are interested you can e-mail us your Cv with foto at adje010@hotmail.com

greetings Ad van Woerkens
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1234 - mohammedia
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Publiée le :  08/07/2014
Expire le : 08/07/2015
Vue : 713 fois
   femme  menage

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